7 ago. 2011

Ganadores World cosplay summit 2011 (winners)


Shiperasu award: Holand

Brother Award: Australia

Everything looked fine but then........

3rd place/ 3er lugar: China
2nd place /2ndo. lugar: Italy

1st place/ 1er. lugar: Brazil

I defenitly think that Yuki and Jiaki from Thailand were the best from all participants, their costumes and performance were excellent, well, at least for me but I'm sure lots of people think like this : )

Korea were awesome too!!

Anyways, congratulations to everyone!
What team were your favorite this year?

Pictures shared by Cato Kusaragi

3 comentarios:

  1. jajaja thailand awesome!!! *w* and holand fail ¬_¬

  2. Hola puedes decir en que lugar quedó México?
    y podrías colocar la lista completa de los ganadores después del 3er lugar claro está.

  3. hola, en mi otro post esta la lista de los lugares y los puntos ke obtuvo cada equipo


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